Human Brain

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This page contains teaching materials for a course on The Human Brain presented at the LIFE Institute of Ryerson University (February 2 – March 22, 2016). These were updated and corrected as of March 27, 2016

To download the materials, click on the link to bring the material up, then right click on the material and choose ‘Save as’ to download to your computer.

Course outline.

Session 1 Introduction

To see the MRI movies used in this session: click here.

Session 2 Neurons

To see the movie showing conduction of the nerve impulse: click here.

Session 3 Synapses

To see the movies showing synapse and cortical column: click here.

Session 4 Movement

Session 5 Perception

To see the animation of the cochlear traveling wave: click here

Session 6 Consciousness

To see the motion perception and Gestalt examples: click here

Session 7 Memory and Emotion

Session 8 Language and Thought

Answers to the Quizzes

Etymology of Brain Words

The engravings used in the header for this page are from the book Our Bodies and How We Live, An Elementary Textbook of Physiology and Hygiene for Use in Schools by Albert F. Blaisdell, Atheneum Press, Boston, 1904