Astronomical Systems:

astronomical systems color


Galileo’s Moon:

galileo moon 2010 color


Color Wheels: 

color wheels newton and painting in color


Color Spaces:

CIE diagrams color



Stare at left black dot for 30 seconds, then stare at right black dot. Shapes will have pale colors opposite to those originally seen. Colors tend to float even with the outlines.

afterimage with outline


Evolution of Color Names:

color evolution in color


Feynman Diagrams:

feynman diagrams color


Quantum Entanglement:

bell inequality in color

Bonus Figures:


Albers, J. (1971). Interaction of color. New Haven: Yale University Press; Shevell, S. K., & Kingdom, F. A. (2008). Color in complex scenes. Annual Review of Psychology, 59, 143–166.

The same center square appears transparent on left and opaque on right.



Color Induction: 

Shevell, S. K., & Kingdom, F. A. (2008). Color in complex scenes. Annual Review of Psychology, 59, 143–166.

The colors behind the bars are the same (see center) on left and right.

color truth new


Watercolor Illusion:

Werner, J.S., Pinna, B. & Spillmann, L. (2007). The brain and the world of illusory color. Scientific American, 296 (3), 90-95.

The same white is bluish within the circles and pinkish outside.

watercolor illusion 2x2