On this Short Day


One of my most pleasant pastimes is reading poetry. For several years now, I have been putting together a collection of poems that I have enjoyed at various times in my life, and I have added some comments about each of them.

I realize that most people do not read poetry. However, on the off-chance that you might like it, the anthology is available in pdf format by clicking on the link below. Once the file is opened you can save it to your own device.

On this short day of frost and sun Text 1.1

Although the pdf can be read by any pdf reader, it is probably best looked at two-pages at a time (like a book) using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free) and a relatively large screen. To do this, follow the instructions given at the beginning of the book. Adobe also allows you to search for particular poems by title or by author.

As noted in the preface, I also have sound-files containing recitations of all the poems, many by the authors, themselves. Early in the new year I shall find some way of embedding these in a larger “text and sound” pdf.


  1. Robert F Nelson says:

    Dear Terry
    I thought that your original book, Creature and Creator was a magnum opus.
    Your present creation IS a magnum opus.
    I enjoyed so many of these poems.
    Wordsworth and Browning being among my favourites.
    I am surprised that Coleridge didn’t make the grade. In high school we had to memorize the first dozen stanzas of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and also as many verse of Paradise Lost and I can still quite them.
    Unfortunately, today I don’t think Kids get much exposure to poetry in High School, or at least in the High School that my grandchildren are attending.
    In these times of isolation Marg (who graduated from Mt A with Honors in English and went on to U of London to study Jane Austin) and I will greatly enjoy your wonderful gift.
    Best wishes to you and Nina for 2022.
    Stay well

    • terry says:

      Dear Bob
      Thank you for your kind comments. I am really glad that you liked the anthology.
      You are right that perhaps I should have included at least some of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, but I could not figure out what part to use.
      And probably I should have put in more of Paradise Lost.
      Best wishes for the New Year

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